Monday, December 17, 2012

Just another goodbye

As the hours fly
the anxiety builds
the little time you have together
reminds you that it's nearing the end
of another chapter
in the story of your life

It's curtain call
and you take a bow
before you gracefully exit
with just memories and pictures left behind
that you know you will always hold dear

You are left wondering
why you befriend them
why you cared
and why you loved
with all your heart
and maybe a bit of your soul
why you left yourself
open to that pain
and knowledge that life
will never be the same

Then u think
then u ponder
remember the good times
remember the cheer
remember the friends you made
and the ones who said goodbye
realize that they are the ones
you will cherish for the rest of your life

You smile, you believe,
this isn't the end
just another goodbye
to one part of life
you shared together
hope it's a start to a friendship
that'll be with you till the end
not of an experience
or a phase of your life
but till the end of this journey
your time alive
in this life